Miyama FUTON & Breakfast thatched cottages

In Miyama, Kyoto the pace of life is slow and deeply intertwined with the changing seasons. We invite you to take a few days to unwind and get in touch with the roots of Japans ancient culture in our thatched cottages.

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Miyama the countryside getaway just north of Kyoto city

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Surrounded by pristine forests and blessed with some of the cleanest river water in Japan, Miyama is a popular weekend getaway for the residents of Kyoto and Osaka.

As well as the fantastic scenery and abundant nature Miyama has a rich culture. The ancient Japanese values of working together, strong community, self sufficiency and a deep respect for nature are still evident in the way of life.

Thatched roofs are abundant here and this art of thatch is a classic example of Japanese cultural heritage. Miyama’s thatched roofs humbly blend in with and even enhance the beauty of the surrounding mountains from which the area gets its name. Miyama means “Beautiful mountains”.

Spending a few relaxing days in Miyama in between the busy crowded cities will give you a chance to see the old Japan, some might say the real Japan.

Our cottages

We rent our cottages to only 1 group per night so you can really feel at home and experience what it is like to live in a thatched cottage here in Miyama.

We currently have two thatched cottages each with their own unique charm.

Hanabusa image Hanabusa


Hanabusa is a traditional thatched cottage fully reformed and complete with all the modern conveniences. Built in the Edo period, the house is 150 years old and registered as a site of cultural heritage. It is a beautiful example of traditional thatched architecture.

  • ・Sleeps 10 comfortably
    (can accommodate parties up to 15)
  • ・Ideal for people interested in Japanese history and architecture.
  • ・A full served breakfast made from local produce is included.
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Miyama Kaya Villa image Miyama FUTON & Breakfast

Kaya villa

Kaya villa is a modern take on the traditional Japanese thatched cottage complete with all the comforts and conveniences you would expect from a new house. Surrounded by mountains, beautiful rice fields and a bamboo forest, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

  • ・Sleeps 5 (can sleep 7 with extra futons)
  • ・Self service breakfast made from local produce
  • ・Highly recommended for families with children
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A number of options are available for dinner including sets of the finest local ingredients to cook for yourself and a variety of restaurants.

You can also buy your own food before you arrive and cook for yourself using our fully equipped kitchen.

Whichever option you choose please let us know as restaurants and ingredients require reservation in advance.

A set of Miyama food image

- - - Sets of local Miyama ingredients - - -

Starting from 2,200 yen per guest (tax included) ~

Local Japanese sake, local specialty tofu, Jidori chicken eggs, cheese, and sausages are also available. Don't hesitate to order these items for your snacks, breakfast, or dinner.


Hanabusa image Hanabusa


At Hanabusa a full breakfast is provided and cooked for you by our staff, this uses quality local ingredients such as Miyama milk, local bread, free range eggs, free range sausages, butter, Jam etc.

Miyama Kaya Villa Breakfast image Miyama Kaya Villa

Kaya villa

At Kaya villa a simple self service breakfast is provided, this uses quality local ingredients such as Miyama milk, local bread, local eggs, butter, Jam and cereal (not made locally).

Dining out and meal delivery

Japanese style evening meal served in your cottage

Japanese style evening meal served in your cottage

3000 Yen per adult (1000 Yen kids meal is available).

Using a range of fresh local ingredients that vary depending on the season this service must be ordered in advance and is served anytime from 18:30 until 19:30.

Seasonal dish kitchen of Miyama Yururi


Eat out under a thatched roof, where the chef prepares a variety of seasonal Japanese dishes made with local ingredients. Usually there are only one or two groups per night in this beautiful restaurant. Free taxi service to and from the restaurant and our cottages is available.

Evening meal 5400 Yen per person.

This option must be booked in advance.

Kaiseki meal

Chinsenro (Japanese ryokan)
Kaiseki course meal

This full course (kaiseki) style meal is prepared by one of the best Japanese ryokans in Miyama and served in our cottage.

Evening meal 11000 Yen per person.

This option must be booked in advance.

Restaurant Kitamura

Japanese nabe or hotpot

6300 Yen per person. We will prepare a hot pot for you with the finest local ingredients.

All you have to do is get some charcoal burning (we provide a burner and charcoal) in the hearth, heat up the pot and enjoy.

For an extra 2400 Yen the meat can be upgraded from locally grown chicken to wild boar hunted in the surrounding mountains.

Then for an extra fee of 3700 Yen you can enjoy the Japanese delicacy of Sukiyaki style hotpot.

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Ashiu Virgin Forest

Ashiu Virgin Forest

This forest lies on the western side of Miyama in a remote region. This pristine ancient forest is owned and preserved by Kyoto University and permission and an official guide is required to enter.

Miyama Cycling Tour

Miyama Cycling Tour

For a set fee we provide guided tours of Miyama by bicycle. Our guide will help you find some of the most beautiful, tucked away spots and provide insights and understanding of the local way of life, which is an ancient tradition of living in harmony with nature, farming and managing the forests. On the tour we often bump into locals and have a chance to chat with them about Miyama and the way of life here.

Japanese Cooking Experience

Japanese Cooking Experience

Local housewives will cook traditional everyday Japanese meals and give you a chance to join in the process. You can learn the basics of some Japanese dishes as well as getting to enjoy a Japanese home cooked dinner or lunch. The food we prepare varies with the seasons, but "Maki sushi" and “Japanese rolled omelet” are two of the most common dishes.

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Bamboo Craft Workshop

Bamboo Craft Workshop

Bamboo is an important resource here in Japan. Because it grows abundantly and can be harvested every year bamboo is a great eco-friendly material and is still used today. In this workshop, we will make many kinds of items such as arrows, flutes or chopsticks. Perfect for kids and adults and we will guide you through the procedure so you can make some of your own eco-friendly souvenirs.


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